Who We Are

We view ourselves as a people on a journey of faith, helping one another and the world to see the face of God, experience the love of Jesus Christ, and live in the freedom and power of the Holy Spirit. Our mission is, through the Holy Spirit's power, to reach, win, and teach others the gospel of Jesus Christ as set forth in the Holy Bible, so that together we will worship God, grow in our faith, and share our witness with the world.
We believe real community is important, so we treasure spending time together during our fellowship meals, Bible studies, prayer groups, service projects, mission trips, and in worship and praise. We love children and youth. They have an important place in our life together. We celebrate their openness, honesty, and joy. We have Sunday School and Youth Group where young people can explore, ask honest questions, grow, and learn. Our nursery offers childcare at all of our worship services.